The video above demonstrates CamDecoy in action and reviews some of its many features. In addition, you can read some more information below.
Features of CamDecoy

Typing Spy: Imagine if every time you had a conversation with someone online, you can see what they are writing to you as they are typing their message? Have you ever wondered what someone was going to write you but ended up deleted it?

When we developed CamDecoy we knew that knowing what someone is typing is very important, the reason is that if you see they are typing someone like “Wave to the cam” you can get ready to play that clip right away, same goes if you are using our chat room feature and you see one person is about to say that “You are a fake” you can kick them out before others see the message.

You will find the Typing Spy feature very useful as you use the CamDecoy system.


Fake Sign: To make things even more real, when playing some of our models you can say enter into a box the words “Hey john I love your shirt”, and poof like magic the girl grabs a paper and marker and she writes those very words. Once again we really pushed all the technical limits to make sure that CamDecoy fools even those who are skeptical of everything.


Fake State ID’s: When we investigated real cam sites we discovered a very interesting trend, as soon as the cam girl said she was local the guy got all excited especially when she proved it by flashing her ID. Usually within seconds she was in a private room doing a paid show.

So we decided to film many of our models holding up an ID for every state. So when you tell someone you are from California and they doubt you, you can with the click of a button make the model grab her wallet and show a CA drivers license.


Fake Sports team hats: Imagine when someone tells you they are a Yankees fan and all of a sudden the girl they are talking to puts on a Yankees baseball cap. Again this makes everything more believable and makes even the biggest skeptic believe that whoever he’s talking to is real (and in some cases in total love with him). We filmed some of our models putting on a variety of baseball hats.


Fake chat: When using our chat room feature and you have someone in the room, you can make believe that there are other people in the room saying all types of things. For example if you invited Mike into the room, you can talk to him and also make it look like another guy Jack is in the room and Jack can say something like “This girl gives the best private shows”. It’s almost like an instant testimonial and it always works really well.


GEO-IP: Once someone enters your room, you can click on a button and it will tell you where they are from. If they are in the USA it will also tell you information such as local bars, colleges, hospitals etc. in their area. So for example when you claim to be from Short Hills, NJ you can say things like “I was born in ______ hospital or I attended _____ School.


No per minute fees: CamDecoy charges a small fee for use of its system, everything is included and we do not auto rebill or engage in any shady billing practices. The system is really advanced and between the huge amounts of content filmed and the technology created you would have to spend over $200,000 to replicate this. We are offering this system for a limited time for as low as $34.95. You can play any character you like without incurring any additional charges.


Kick feature: Say you are talking with a few people in a room and one person is acting disrespectful or you are talking with someone that is being rude etc., you can simply click to kick. They will get disconnected instantly and will no longer be able to talk to you.

CamDecoy is the most advanced fake webcam system available on the market today. No, this is not some software to play your video clips over your webcam, or some app to allow you to add some silly graphics over your webcam stream. CamDecoy is a sophisticated tool that has many uses, once you learn what the system can do, you will come up with your own creative ideas on how to make use of it. CamDecoy’s most common uses are for:
Private Investigators
Example: You cannot locate someone to serve him/her with papers, they refuse to answer your calls. But you know they have a Facebook or some other sort of social networking or dating site account. You can use one of our attractive male or female model photos to create a fake social networking site or dating account, you can lure them into talking to you and use our cam system to close the deal. This is just one of hundreds of uses for private investigators.
Intelligence Agencies
Example: Using attractive people for espionage missions is nothing new. People trust webcams, in these days when people meet new people on photo they demand “hey turn on your webcam”. Well now with CamDecoy you can turn it on alright, you have full control of so many different things so even if they ask you to wave or show a state ID you can do that, read more below on these techniques. We cannot go into every scenario here but use your imagination.
Testing a Spouse
Example: Will your boyfriend or husband fall for another girl? What would he tell another girl about you? Will your girlfriend or wife fall for another guy? What would she tell him about you? With CamDecoy you can really get lots of information that in many cases will shock you and or set your mind at ease.
Example: The things some guys do for some hot looking girl, how about what girls would do for a hot rich super wealthy guy? I bet your mind is working right now of so many cool things you can do. This is not just some app that streams a video of a girl typing, you can do some of the most amazing tricks with this app and it tricks even the most skeptical person.
Private cam show business
Example: Cater to the billion dollar industry of private cam shows. Tons of guys everyday go online to talk to some cam girl and pay for her to do a show for her. With Cam Decoy you can talk to guys, invite them into a chat room hosted by us or on your own server (no extra charge) and then have them pay you for a show. Obviously at that point you play a special clip that makes the girl do a complete adult show for them. In the phone sex business for many years 300lb girls told callers they are 125lbs, now we are making this happen in the WebCam business. Obviously once you ask someone to pay you have to make sure to abide by any laws pertaining to false advertising.
No webcam required: You do not need a webcam to use the CamDecoy system.


The models: We understand that sometimes you might need an 18 year old female decoy and sometimes a cougar looking lady, maybe you need a guy that has great looks and can show off tons of jewelry an American Express black card and a nice big private part in order to get the job done or maybe you need a cute couple in order achieve your goal, whatever it may be we filmed a ton of scenarios and of course you get access to all of it.


Fake Audio: Sometimes a person might ask you to turn on your mic, instead of telling them sorry I have no mic, you simply click a special button and it shows the girl trying to make her mic work, the other person hears some crackling sound and then he sees and hears the girls say something in the lines of “hey can you hear me” followed by more crackling and the mic cutting out, 100 or of 100 people fall for this.


Funny Clips: Although we have different styles of funny clips, one of the funniest ones is where you show a guy acting like the girls dad walking in on her in middle of her being naughty on cam.


Photos included: For every character we include several photos, some regular fully clothed and some not, even for the couple we include some photos as if they are a couple in love. These come in helpful when trying to create a fake profile or when trying to email someone about yourself.


Fake Reconnect: This little feature makes the system even more convincing.


Mid Clip Injection: Another cool feature, say for example you want to start playing the viewer a clip, but it would make sense for you to inject it from the 30 second mark, well simply preview the clip in the special preview box, and at the 30 second mark hit “Inject” and bamn, the person watching will start seeing the clip from the 30 second mark.

So what do the models do?
Well obviously they do many things that will confirm to the viewer that they are really talking to the girl. But in addition to that they do complete adult nude shows and where a couple is involved they do a complete hardcore scene. Obviously depending on what you are using CamDecoy for you may or may not need to utilize certain actions.
4 ways to use the CamDecoy system :

1. Once you login and pick the character you’d like to play, you can simply generate a special link to send to whoever you wish (or multiple people), once they click that link they will go to a special page (it will look like some free cam website, no mention of CamDecoy), and they will be able to chat with you as well as turn on their webcam so you can watch them too. Our web based system works with IE, Safari and FireFox.


2. Once you login you generate a embed iframe code that you can put on any webpage you own. Then you can send whoever you wish to that page (or multiple people) and they will be able to see you and you will be able to see them. Our web based system works with IE, Safari and FireFox.

3. The CamDecoy App - The windows 7 Vista and XP app allows you to use CamDecoy with software like Yahoo Messenger, so when ou invite people to view your cam they will see whatever character you are playing.


4. The CamDecoy App - The windows 7 Vista and XP app will also work on sites like and 100’s of sites like that. Be warned playing with our app on sites like these are lots of fun and can be very addicting.


You get instant access to all tools once you join, so there is no need to wait for us to activate anything.

But won't people know its fake?

No most people (99.1%) will not know, now obviously if you do not take 15 minutes to learn the system you will not be able to play things right, but isn’t that the case with everything in life.

One of the stupidest things one can say is “I would never fall for it”, well now that you know of this you wouldn’t. Smarter people than you where fooled. Our system is not a toy, the development behind it is extremely advanced, it involves understanding human behavior as well as understanding complex technologies to make this system possible.

In addition, NOT everyone knows what you know, Fake CallerID has been out for 10 years and still people do not know about this. CamDecoy is new, we do not market this heavily at all or it would spoil the fun. And For obvious reasons we do not show photos of our models to non members, but rest assured we have models with all types of looks, from super hot to average looking, including a hot couple. We also constantly film new characters so things stay nice and fresh.